Dr. Tankovich is a recognized innovator, researcher and educator for laser applications in medicine, cancer vaccines, stem cell therapies and other medical related disciplines. He is a proven researcher and has inventions that have set the basis for entire new industries. Founder and Director of several corporations, Dr. Tankovich is respected worldwide and published and honored for his innovative work in laser and new drug usage including medical and aesthetic applications. He has more than 100 U.S. and other foreign patents issued and pending.

Dr. Tankovich has been an educator at international universities, published more than 60 articles and has been a presenter or speaker at over 200 conferences or seminars. He has conducted extensive research and development of laser applications for medical usage as well as for cancer and stem cell research. He pioneered the use of lasers to initiate a cascade of signaling proteins to attract stem cells. Among his numerous awards and honors is the Gold Kurchatov Medal for the Atomic Science Application in Medicine and Biology awarded by the Atomic Energy Agency in 1998. Dr. Tankovich’s inventions include new drugs, stem cell therapies, devices for laser hair removal and laser skin peeling, non-ablative wrinkle removal and laser lancet (all three licensed and FDA approved). He is the first in the world to propose, invent, develop, patent and use a 1.54 micron Er:Glass laser for medical applications. He is the pioneer of the science of Laser Sparing Technology, the supporting intellectual property of the Fraxel Lasers and the genesis of what is now known as fractional photothermolysis by seven patents licensed to the medical and aesthetic industries. He is the first in the world who had invented and patented this technology.

Dr. Tankovich has conducted extensive research and development of electromagnetic energy applications for medical usage, stem cell therapies and cancer research. The very first patent that has been granted in the field of stem cell use for hair regrowth was awarded by USPTO to Dr. Tankovich. He was the first who used electromagnetic radiation to release stromal and hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow. Dr. Tankovich also has worked on laser diagnosis and surgery of malignant and background diseases of uterine cervix and the intraoperative laser diagnosis of early forms of breast cancer. He holds an M.D. from Semashco Medical University (Moscow), a Master of Science degree in Plasma Physics from Moscow University, and a Ph.D. in BioPhysics from Lomonosov Moscow University. Most recently, Dr. Tankovich was appointed as a legate by the Board of Trustees, Center for Science and Society, Oxford University, UK.