Stemedica partners with researchers and clinicians from major universities, leading research institutions and highly-accredited medical facilities in order to advance adult stem cell treatments through scientifically-based, translational medicine.

We are involved with several pre-clinical trials being conducted around the world using Stemedica products. These pre-clinical efforts are complimented by a number of clinical trials in which the safety and efficacy of our products are being validated. This includes a Phase I/IIA clinical trial for the treatment of Ischemic Stroke in the United States using our ischemic tolerant adult mesenchymal stem cells. Sponsored by Stemedica, this clinical trial is being conducted by the University of California, San Diego and Gilbert Hospital, Arizona.

Stemedica has also recently received IND approval for a phase I/IIa clinical trial for cutaneous photoaging and a Phase II clinical trial for acute myocardial infarction. To further advance our technology, Stemedica will cotinue to request approval from the FDA for an extension of our current IND designation to initiate additional clinical trials for other ischemic indications and conditions. Concurrent with these efforts, we are advancing our adult neural stem cells and adult retinal pigment epithelial cells for IND approval and use in various clinical trials around the world in 2013.

We are dedicated to pursuing research opportunities for all of our product lines, including: live biologics, stabilized stem cell factors, drugs and medical devices in order to bring the best possible products to consumers in a safe, effective and efficacious manner.

Stemedica is also involved in collaborative research projects with non profit institutions, medical device and pharmaceutical companies.