Dr. Baranov is an internationally recognized leading researcher, innovator and educator for applications of physical chemistry, biophysical methods and imaging technology in cancer research and biotech related disciplines. He has published more than 60 articles (including publications in such highly-ranked scientific journals as Cell, Cancer Cell, and Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of the USA). He has presented the results of his research at over 30 conferences and seminars worldwide.

Dr. Baranov has been an educator at several international universities and an inventor of three U.S. patents. He was also a consultant for several U.S. companies specializing in nutrition, cosmetics and cancer research. Dr. Baranov’s research has been significant in the anthracycline drugs’ cell membrane transport kinetics and their interaction with DNA; the development of vital fluorescent dye and laser based technology for the early cancer diagnosis for clinical usage; the implementation of a double derivative method for data image analysis of collagen structure in normal and pathological tissues (breast cancer and diabetes); the application of fluorescent, polarized, and nanosecond time-resolved spectroscopy for studies of drug interactions and their molecular complexes with their targets.